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What to do in winter in Las Vegas: Must-see attractions and events

The twinkling lights of the Las Vegas Strip don’t go out when temperatures drop. Indeed, winter in Las Vegas can surprise you with a range of unique activities and vibrant opportunities to enjoy the city, even when the weather in January in Las Vegas gives us a respite from the desert heat. 

From world-class shows to effervescent sporting arenas, we’ll explore everything you can do this time of year, and of course, the ideal stay at the Hotel Jefe to make your experience unforgettable.

Explore Seasonal Attractions

Winter in the neon city is a time when Las Vegas transforms with festive decorations and special attractions. But what to do in Las Vegas when temperatures drop? The answer lies in the following experiences:

winter in las vegas
Visiting Las Vegas during the winter is an excellent option.

Ice skating with dazzling views

One of the most delightful ways to enjoy winter in Las Vegas is to skate on the outdoor ice rinks that spring up during this season. With the backdrop of the illuminated city, what better plan than sliding on the ice and then having a hot drink in a cozy corner of Hotel Jefe?

Discover the Magic of Winter at Bellagio Gardens

The Bellagio gardens never disappoint, and in winter they become a spectacle in themselves. Attend their seasonal show, and you will be amazed by the structures and decorations that evoke winter, then relax in the spacious and warm rooms offered by Hotel Jefe.

Sports Events: Winter Passion

Sports enthusiasts find their paradise in Las Vegas, with a variety of events that keep the adrenaline pumping even when temperatures are low.

American soccer and basketball: winter passions

January and February are key months for American soccer and basketball with games you won’t want to miss. And where else to follow the sporting exploits if not in the elegant lounge of the Hotel Jefe, surrounded by screens, good food and excellent company.

Shelter From the Cold in a Latin Bar

If you are looking for human warmth and sports passion, a Latin bar may be the ideal choice. Imagine yourself enjoying the winter competitions while tasting exquisite Latin flavors, all within the comfortable and exuberant atmosphere of our Ojos Locos Sports Cantina.

Delving into Winter’s Climate and Comfort

Winter in Las Vegas offers you the perfect balance between freshness and exhilarating activities. With temperatures that are rarely extreme, it is the ideal opportunity to enjoy the city without the oppressive summer heat.

winter in las vegas
Winter weather is an excellent company to visit the city and its surroundings.

Weather in Las Vegas During January

Moderate temperatures allow you to explore the city in comfort, from its streets to its theme parks. Stroll the Strip, visit the Grand Canyon or simply enjoy a panoramic view from the High Roller, the world’s tallest Ferris wheel, and then indulge in a relaxing evening at the Hotel Jefe spa.

A luxury retreat at Hotel Jefe

After a day full of winter adventures, nothing compares to the comfort of a cozy room with all the amenities you could wish for. At Hotel Jefe every detail is thought for your comfort.

Stay at Hotel Jefe: The Difference Is in the Details

Choosing a hotel is a crucial decision in your trip to Las Vegas during the winter. Hotel Jefe’s facilities are designed to provide warmth, comfort and exceptional service. From rooms with breathtaking views of the city, to restaurants that delight your taste buds with seasonal culinary offerings, Hotel Jefe is the choice that completes a perfect winter experience.

Winter awaits you in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a year-round city and winter is no exception. With a range of both vibrant and relaxed activities, it is the ideal season to experience the city from a different perspective. Whether you prefer sporting events, festive strolls or simply enjoying the wonders of the season from the comfort of a top-notch hotel, at Hotel Jefe you’ll find a fun and relaxing base to answer the question of what to do in Las Vegas this winter.

Remember that at Hotel Jefe, your Las Vegas winter experience will be filled with moments that will shine as brightly as the lights on the Strip. See you in the city of neon!


¿Cuáles son algunas atracciones de invierno en Las Vegas?

Las atracciones de invierno en Las Vegas incluyen patinaje sobre hielo al aire libre con vistas a la ciudad iluminada, visitar los Jardines del Bellagio decorados con temas de invierno y disfrutar de eventos deportivos como partidos de fútbol americano y basquetbol.

¿Qué tipo de clima puedo esperar en Las Vegas durante el invierno?

El clima en Las Vegas durante el invierno presenta temperaturas moderadas, lo que ofrece un equilibrio perfecto para disfrutar de la ciudad sin el calor extremo del verano. Es ideal para actividades tanto al aire libre como en interiores.

¿Es posible patinar sobre hielo en Las Vegas durante el invierno?

Sí, es posible patinar sobre hielo en Las Vegas durante el invierno. Existen pistas de hielo al aire libre que son instaladas durante esta temporada, proporcionando una actividad festiva con impresionantes fondos urbanos iluminados.

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