eventos las vegas abril 2024


The vibrant city of Las Vegas is preparing to host a series of shows that will ignite the nights of April 2024 with Latin rhythms and unparalleled energy. Hotel Jefe is proud to be the scenario for all those looking to enjoy the best cultural and entertainment events. Whether you’re planning a visit to Sin City for the holidays or you’re a resident looking to immerse yourself in a sea of music and dance, read on to discover the must-see events that will fill Las Vegas nights with joy.

April Highlights in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an oasis of entertainment and this April 2024 will be especially electrifying. With a jam-packed calendar of events, the JefeBet Event Center will host two consecutive nights that will thrill the hearts of Latinos and lovers of Latin culture.

Friday, April 12: Super Cumbia at Silver Nugget Casino

The weekend begins with the contagious rhythms of cumbia, taking all spectators on a journey through melodies that invite you to dance and celebrate. On Friday, April 12, the Silver Nugget Casino, ideally located just minutes from the Hotel Jefe, opens its doors for a spectacular night with the presentation of big names.

Artists and Musical Experience

Get ready to vibrate to the sound of The Askis and Raymix, who together with Group GAli Telez and His Telechikoz GroupMexikolombia and Alcalde Sonora promises an unforgettable evening. These artists are synonymous with fiesta and tradition, capturing the essence of a rich and vibrant culture that is reflected in every chord.

Super Cumbia night is an experience that goes beyond the music. It is a meeting of cultures, a space for the Las Vegas Latino community and for visitors from all over who wish to immerse themselves in the joy and passion that these artists deliver on stage.

Event Details:

  • Date and Time: Friday, April 12, doors open at 9:00 p.m.
  • Age: Event for people over 18 years old.
  • Information and Tickets: Call 1-800-668-8080 or visit Ticketon.
  • Ticket Prices: General – $75.00 plus a $7.25 service charge.
  • Note: Purchase is limited to 6 tickets per customer. Service charges are non-refundable. All sales are final.

Saturday, April 13: The Party Continues

The excitement doesn’t end with just one night. On Saturday, April 13, the JefeBet Event Center and the Silver Nugget Casino are ready to welcome another group of legendary artists. The Duet Los ArmadillosRocio La Dama de La CumbiaRaza Obrera and La Sentencia de Tuzantla will take the stage to offer an unprecedented show.

A Stage for All Tastes

Each of these artists brings a unique flavor to the stage, offering a variety of styles within the cumbia genre that is sure to appeal to a wide audience. Get ready to sing, dance and experience a night that captures the essence of Latin music.

Event Details:

  • Date and Time: Saturday, April 13, doors open at 9:00 p.m.
  • Age: Event for people over 18 years old.
  • Information and Tickets: Call 1-800-668-8080 or visit Ticketon.
  • Ticket Prices: Presale – $40.00 plus $5.50 service charge
  • Note: Purchase is limited to 6 tickets per customer. Service charges are non-refundable. All sales are final.

Why Choose Hotel Jefe?

Hotel Jefe not only stands out for its proximity to the best events in Las Vegas, but also for its unparalleled service and first-class amenities. From luxurious rooms to exquisite cuisine, every detail is designed to make your stay as exciting as the shows that await you outside.

Remember, these events are just the tip of the iceberg of what Las Vegas has to offer in April 2024. Whether you are a traveler looking for culture, entertainment and an unforgettable experience, or a local thirsty for the music of your roots, Hotel Jefe and JefeBet Event Center are your destination.Book your room now and get ready to experience a Latin party like never before!


¿Dónde se encuentra el Jefebet Event Center?

El Jefebet Event Center está convenientemente situado en Boulevard Las Vegas y listo para acoger su próximo evento. Puedes encontrarlo en 2140 N. Las Vegas Blvd, North Las Vegas, NV 89030. Ofrece un amplio aparcamiento gratuito. Si necesitas ayuda inmediata, llama a los anfitriones de nuestro Centro de Eventos al 725-270-2991.

¿Dónde puedo conseguir mis entradas anticipadas para estos eventos latinos?

Puedes conseguir tus entradas para estos imperdibles eventos en Ticketón o por teléfono en el 1-800-668-8080.

¿Qué tipo de eventos, aparte de conciertos y acontecimientos deportivos, se celebran en el Jefebet Event Center?

Además de conciertos y acontecimientos deportivos, el Jefebet Event Center acoge regularmente bodas, quinceañeras, fiestas de quince años y convenciones empresariales. El Jefebet Event Center colabora estrechamente con los promotores locales para proporcionar cualquier solicitud de alquiler necesaria u otros servicios que ayuden a que los apasionantes bailes mexicanos en Las Vegas sean un éxito.

¿Puedo llevar mi propia comida y bebida a estos eventos latinos en Las Vegas?

Por lo general, no se permite comida ni bebida externa a los los apasionantes bailes mexicanos en Las Vegas. Sin embargo, en la mayoría de los eventos se puede comprar comida y bebida. Es aconsejable consultar las normas del evento o ponerse en contacto con el lugar de celebración para obtener información específica sobre las restricciones de comida y bebida.

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