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Complete MLB 2024 season schedule: All the news

Baseball excitement is about to reach its peak with the arrival of the new Major League Baseball season. That’s why at Hotel Jefe we bring you a sneak preview of what the MLB 2024 season has in store for you. Get ready to live the passion of America’s king of sports in a year full of surprises, international games and much more.

2024 MLB Season Schedule: What you can’t miss

Opening Day MLB 2024: A global kickoff

The start of the 2024 MLB season will be a global celebration of baseball, with the MLB 2024 Opening Day scheduled for March 28. The teams will take the field in a simultaneous start, something that has not happened since 1968. This day marks the start of a year of action-packed sports with 162 team games, promising excitement from the first pitch to the last out.

2024 mlb season
Excitement is in the air and on the field as we anticipate the 2024 MLB season.

First games and hot rivalries

The excitement kicks off before March 28 with the Dodgers and Padres opening the season in Seoul on March 20-21. This event not only symbolizes baseball’s growing international reach, but also sets in motion the rivalries that will define the season. With matchups like Yankees-Astros and Cardinals-Dodgers, the first day will give us a glimpse of what these teams have to offer.

International games: Baseball crosses borders

MLB continues to expand its global footprint with games in Santo Domingo, Seoul, Mexico City and London. Baseball knows no boundaries, and these games are a true celebration of the diversity and international scope of the game.

World Series Highlights

Don’t miss the Astros vs. the Rockies in Mexico City or the Mets vs. the Phillies in London. These games are a unique opportunity to watch your favorite teams in an international setting.

2024 mlb season

Tribute to history: Rickwood Field and the Negro Leagues.

In a tribute to the Negro Leagues and legend Willie Mays, the Cardinals and Giants will square off at historic Rickwood Field in Birmingham, Alabama. It is an opportunity to celebrate the legacies and rich history of the sport.

What to expect from the 2024 MLB season?

Teams and stars to follow

The 2024 season brings with it the debut of Shohei Ohtani with the Dodgers, one of the most exciting players in baseball today. Eyes will also be on the San Diego Padres with Manny Machado leading the way.

On top of the competition: The Dodgers

The Dodgers start as one of the favorites after their impressive offseason. With a historic series in Seoul and the expected debut of Ohtani, they are emerging as title contenders from the start.

MLB Live: Don’t miss a game

If you’re a fan who doesn’t want to miss a game, ESPN’ s broadcast is your best ally. From spring training to regular games, keep the broadcast schedule handy to catch all the action.

Spring training: The prelude to the season

Spring training is the perfect prelude to the regular season, offering a look at each team’s new talent and strategies. With games broadcast live, fans can get a taste of what’s to come.

2024 mlb season
You can feel the intensity of the MLB 2024 season in every swing. Are you ready to live the most exciting moments of the year?

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¿Cuándo comienza oficialmente el Opening Day MLB 2024?

El Opening Day está programado para el 28 de marzo de 2024, pero los Dodgers y Padres darán inicio a la temporada con una serie especial en Seúl el 20 y 21 de marzo.

¿Dónde se jugarán los partidos internacionales y qué equipos estarán involucrados?

Los partidos internacionales se jugarán en Santo Domingo, Seúl, Ciudad de México y Londres, involucrando a equipos como los Dodgers, Padres, Astros, Rockies, Mets, y Filis, entre otros.

¿Cómo puedo ver los entrenamientos primaverales y la Serie de Seúl?

ESPN transmitirá los entrenamientos primaverales y la Serie de Seúl; revisa su calendario de transmisiones para no perderte ninguno de estos emocionantes eventos.

¿Qué equipo es el favorito para ganar la World Series MLB 2024?

Aunque es temprano para predecir, Los Angeles Dodgers son considerados uno de los equipos favoritos, sobre todo tras adquirir a la estrella Shohei Ohtani.

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