eventos en las vegas noviembre 2023


The JefeBet Event Center dresses up for a trio of exceptional events during the month of November. From cosmic mysteries to Mexican music and vibrant rock concerts, we are ready to dazzle audiences of all ages and preferences.

Get your itinerary ready, because these are the events in Las Vegas that will make the difference during November. No matter the age or preference, we are ready to turn every moment into a dazzling show.

Jaime Maussan in Las Vegas: A night of mysteries and sightings

We begin our series of events with one of the most recognized names in ufology worldwide. Jaime Maussan, distinguished journalist and ufologist, will make an appearance at the JefeBet Event Center on November 4.

With his extensive academic and professional achievements in journalism and his passion for the unknown, Maussan will give an intriguing talk focused on his latest research on UFOs. This is a unique opportunity for those interested in ufology to hear from one of the most respected experts in the field.

An unparalleled night of dancing with Mega Bailazo!

On the night of November 10, the JefeBet Event Center will change its usual appearance to become an epicenter of rhythm with the Mega Bailazo. This is no ordinary event, but a passionate celebration of Mexican music that will keep you dancing all night long.

The Mega Bailazo promises to be a great party with a spectacular line-up of outstanding artists, including big names in Mexican music such as El Blanco de Sinaloa, El Ranchero, El Chalinillo and Los Razos. Spectators will have the unique opportunity to experience live the talent and energy of these musicians in a unique party atmosphere, all in the comfort of the robust and vibrant JefeBet Event Center.

Rock Cumbiando Fest 2023: A Night of Musical Fusions

Imagine an event that combines rock and cumbia in an electrifying night of music, dancing and fun! That’s exactly what you’ll find at ROCK CUMBIANDO FEST 2023 this November 17 in North Las Vegas .

ROCK CUMBIANDO FEST 2023 is the live celebration that passionate music fans have been eagerly awaiting. Designed specifically to unite America’s vibrant and diverse rock community, this unique festival is synonymous with joy and energy.

In its first edition, the festival aims to create unforgettable moments for each participant, offering a program that includes live performances by up-and-coming bands and famous groups. Among them, the following stand out: Los Llayraswho will inject the festival with the fast-paced rhythm of their Andean cumbia, and Liran Rollwho will revolutionize the night with their rock essence.

Don’t miss these events

Tickets for these incredible nights are now on sale through Ticketon. Book now and get ready to experience these world-class events at Hotel Jefe, your corner of North Las Vegas, for a one-of-a-kind experience. Remember that you must be 18 years of age or older to participate. For more information, you can contact JefeBet Event Center at 1 800 668 8080. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend these exclusive events at Hotel Jefe!

Experience the essence of North Las Vegas

In addition to staying in our comfortable and luxurious rooms, you can enjoy a game session at the Casino Jefe during your stay. Our goal is that you have an unforgettable memory of your visit and that you not only take away the fun of the November events, but that you live the ‘Hotel Jefe’ experience to the fullest.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore North Las Vegas and discover the wonders this city has to offer while enjoying the best hospitality of the Jefe Hotel.

Frequently Asked Questions

¿Dónde se encuentra el Jefebet Event Center?

El Jefebet Event Center está convenientemente situado en Boulevard Las Vegas y listo para acoger su próximo evento. Puedes encontrarlo en 2140 N. Las Vegas Blvd, North Las Vegas, NV 89030. Ofrece un amplio aparcamiento gratuito. Si necesitas ayuda inmediata, llama a los anfitriones de nuestro Centro de Eventos al 725-270-2991.

¿Dónde puedo conseguir mis entradas anticipadas para estos eventos latinos?

Puedes conseguir tus entradas para estos apasionantes bailes mexicanos en Las Vegas en Ticketón o por teléfono en el 1-800-668-8080. Prepárate para la fiesta

¿Qué tipo de eventos, aparte de conciertos y acontecimientos deportivos, se celebran en el Jefebet Event Center?

Además de conciertos y acontecimientos deportivos, el Jefebet Event Center acoge regularmente bodas, quinceañeras, fiestas de quince años y convenciones empresariales. El Jefebet Event Center colabora estrechamente con los promotores locales para proporcionar cualquier solicitud de alquiler necesaria u otros servicios que ayuden a que los apasionantes bailes mexicanos en Las Vegas sean un éxito.

¿Puedo llevar mi propia comida y bebida a estos eventos latinos en Las Vegas?

Por lo general, no se permite comida ni bebida externa a los apasionantes bailes mexicanos en Las Vegas. Sin embargo, en la mayoría de los eventos se puede comprar comida y bebida. Es aconsejable consultar las normas del evento o ponerse en contacto con el lugar de celebración para obtener información específica sobre las restricciones de comida y bebida.

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