nueva esfera en las vegas

The New Sphere in Las Vegas: An Unrivaled Experience

If you thought Las Vegas was only famous for its casinos and neon lights, get ready to discover the latest marvel to hit this iconic city. MSG Sphere, a stunning new sphere in Las Vegas that has stunned the world, has arrived to redefine the entertainment experience in Las Vegas and around the world.

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new sphere in las vegas
New sphere in Las Vegas captures the world’s attention

A Monumental Structure

MSG Sphere is not just another attraction; it is a monumental structure that stands 112 meters high and 157 meters wide. Its exterior is clad with 1.2 million field hockey puck-sized LED screens, which can display an infinite range of images and visual effects.

This sphere stands as the largest structure of its kind in the world, which already makes it a landmark in Sin City.

A Theater Like No Other

Inside this giant sphere is a bowl-shaped theater with a giant LED screen, which promises to take the entertainment experience to a whole new level.

Designed by the prestigious architectural firm Populous, MSG Sphere was a colossal project that required an investment of approximately $2.3 billion, demonstrating their commitment to excellence.

Unforgettable Events

The MSG Sphere is not only an imposing structure, it is also destined to be the setting for memorable events the likes of which Las Vegas has never seen before. The opening is scheduled for September 29, with a special “U2: UV Achtung Baby Live at Sphere” concert, marking the beginning of a new era of entertainment in this vibrant city.

new sphere in las vegas
The MSG Sphere will be the stage for the best music events in the coming years

If you like live concerts, Las Vegas is the place to be, and MSG Sphere is about to elevate that experience to an unparalleled level. Get ready to enjoy immersive concerts and unique visual spectacles in this impressive sphere.

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A Place for Creativity

In addition to the concerts, the sphere will also screen “Postcard From Earth,” a film by Darren Aronofsky, which will take advantage of the Sphere’s huge screen to offer an unprecedented visual experience. This is just one example of the creativity that this sphere allows.

A Space in Constant Change

MSG Sphere will not be limited to one type of show. It is designed to be illuminated day and night, offering a variety of visual spectacles to suit different events and occasions. Whether it’s Halloween, a final of a major sporting event or New Year’s Eve, this sphere will always surprise with its versatility.

The Capacity to Amaze

Inside, MSG Sphere houses an 18,000-seat stadium, which will be connected by a pedestrian walkway to the Venetian resort. In addition, in November, the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix street circuit is expected to pass through Sphere, guaranteeing an unprecedented spectacle for fans of motorsports and other sporting events, such as boxing.

new sphere in las vegas
MSG Sphere to host many of the most anticipated sporting events on the calendar

Las Vegas is a paradise for sports fans, and MSG Sphere adds to the excitement with one-of-a-kind sporting events. From Formula 1 Grand Prix to boxing events, the sphere will host many of the biggest sporting events in the coming years.

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Immersive Concerts

The giant 16K LED screen that surrounds the audience during the concerts offers an immersion never seen before. With 160,000 speakers distributed throughout the stadium for crystal-clear sound, this sphere promises to take the concert experience to a whole new level.

Shocking facts about MSG Sphere

To fully understand the magnitude of this gigantic sphere in Las Vegas, here are some facts that will astound you:

Crowd Capability

MSG Sphere’s auditorium seats 17,500 spectators, but can accommodate up to 20,000 people, including those who prefer to stand. In addition, 10,000 seats are equipped with haptic technology, providing a unique tactile experience for spectators.

The World’s Largest LED Display

MSG Sphere features a 54,000 square meter LED screen, which is the largest in the world. This impressive outdoor canopy is composed of 50 million LED lights that will illuminate the Las Vegas sky every day and night.

A Colossal Investment

Initially estimated at $1.2 billion, the MSG Sphere investment was increased to $2.3 billion due to design changes, the pandemic supply chain crisis and inflation. This structure becomes the most expensive auditorium in Las Vegas, surpassing even Allegiant Stadium.

 Unparalleled Acoustic Experience

MSG Sphere uses Wave Field Synthesis technology, which involves 167,000electronically controlled loudspeakers to provide an exceptional acoustic experience from anywhere in the room. In addition, the acoustic isolation of the sphere ensures that what happens inside stays inside, offering unparalleled sound quality.

MSG Sphere has arrived to change the way we experience entertainment in Las Vegas and beyond. With its cutting-edge technology and focus on innovation, this sphere promises to deliver unique shows and experiences you will never forget.

If you were considering visiting Las Vegas, there is no better time than now. Don’t wait any longer and reserve your place today. Come discover the majestic MSG Sphere and all the other attractions that make Las Vegas a truly unique destination in the world. An unforgettable experience is waiting for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

¿Que es Msg sphere?

MSG Sphere es una impresionante esfera ubicada en Las Vegas, diseñada para redefinir la experiencia de entretenimiento en la ciudad y en todo el mundo. Su propósito es servir como un lugar innovador para una amplia variedad de eventos, incluyendo conciertos, películas, deportes y mucho más.

¿Qué tipo de eventos y espectáculos se llevarán a cabo en MSG Sphere?

MSG Sphere albergará una amplia gama de eventos, incluyendo conciertos, proyecciones de películas, eventos deportivos y otros espectáculos visuales. Su versatilidad la hace adecuada para una variedad de ocasiones.

¿Cómo se adaptará MSG Sphere a diferentes eventos y ocasiones a lo largo del año?

MSG Sphere está diseñada para iluminarse día y noche y ofrecer una variedad de espectáculos visuales que se adaptan a diferentes eventos y ocasiones, desde Halloween hasta eventos deportivos.

¿Qué tecnología acústica se utiliza en MSG Sphere?

MSG Sphere utiliza la tecnología de Wave Field Synthesis, que involucra 167,000 altavoces controlados electrónicamente para proporcionar una experiencia acústica excepcional desde cualquier lugar en la sala.

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