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Start the Year with a Bang: Activities to Explore in Las Vegas this January

Las Vegas is world-renowned for its vibrant nightlife, dazzling shows and 24-hour casinos, but did you know that winter brings with it a unique side of the city that you can’t miss? 

From the tranquility of the snow-capped Grand Canyon to the thrill of gliding across the ice, Las Vegas in winter is a destination that offers renewed and magical experiences. Here at Hotel Jefe we present you five activities not to be missed to enjoy this wonderful season of the year in the city that never sleeps.

Discover the best of winter in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, known for its bustling atmosphere and unparalleled entertainment offerings, surprises visitors with a host of activities during winter. Although famous for its casinos and shows, the city offers unique experiences that go beyond gambling and nightlife .

From exploring snow-covered natural landscap es to enjoying world-class technology events, you’ll find fun and excitement around every corner in Las Vegas. Here’s a list of the five best things to do in Las Vegas in winter to make your stay as vibrant as the lights that illuminate the Strip.

1. Grand Canyon Adventures – Discover its Winter Beauty

Winter is the perfect time to visit the Grand Canyon without the big crowds, enjoying the serenity of one of the most impressive natural landscapes in the world under a white blanket of snow. It is also important to be aware of the temperature in Las Vegas in January, as it can vary significantly.

las vegas in winter
Visiting the Grand Canyon is one of the most popular activities in Las Vegas during winter.

If the weather gets too extreme, the Grand Canyon IMAX theater offers a breathtaking retelling of the history of this gigantic natural wonder, blending culture, history and cutting-edge technology in a visually stunning 45-minute experience.

2. Skiing and Family Fun at Mt. Charleston | Skiing in Spanish

Are you concerned about the language when taking ski lessons? No problem. Located just 45 minutes from Las Vegas, Mount Charleston is ideal for skiing with the family and, at “Las Vegas en Tu Idioma”, you will have instructors who will guide you in Spanish so you can enjoy every moment safely.

And if skiing is not your thing, don’t worry. You can rent a tire to slide down the snow or explore the many activities offered by the mountain, such as the Bristlecone trail for hiking or horseback riding, that offer a different perspective of the spectacular winter scenery.

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3. Cutting-Edge Technology at CES Las Vegas: A Must-See Event

For technology enthusiasts, the CES Las Vegas is a must-attend event. Considered the world’s largest electronics exhibition, this event attracts hundreds of thousands of people in January to witness the latest technological innovations that will define the future.

4. Enchantment and Nature at the Bellagio Botanical Garden | A Magical Seasonal Decoration

The Bellagio Botanical Garden and Conservatory is transformed for winter into a magical place that captures the essence of Las Vegas in January. From giant polar bears made of flowers to penguins and a towering Christmas tree, every detail will immerse you in a wintry fairy tale.

5. Ice Skating at Cosmopolitan | Skating & Entertainment

If you are still wondering what to do in Las Vegas, Nevada during the winter, skating is an activity that combines sport and fun. At the Cosmopolitan, the Boulevard Pool is transformed into a spectacular ice rink surrounded by bonfires where you can enjoy a unique Christmas atmosphere, skate or enjoy delicious fire-roasted marshmallows.

las vegas in winter
Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Cosmopolitan skating during wintertime

In conclusion, Las Vegas in winter is a spectacle in its own right, with a variety of both outdoor and indoor activities that make the city a destination worth exploring beyond the gaming tables. We invite you to live unique experiences during this season at the Hotel Jefe where comfort and adventure await you. Are you ready for an unforgettable stay in the city of lights in its coolest and most exciting season?


¿Qué actividades se pueden hacer en Las Vegas durante el invierno?

En invierno, Las Vegas se transforma y ofrece numerosas actividades como explorar el tranquilo y nevado Gran Cañón, esquí familiar en el Monte Charleston con clases disponibles en español, asistir al impresionante evento de tecnología CES Las Vegas, deleitarse con la decoración invernal del Jardín Botánico del Bellagio y patinar sobre hielo en la pista del Cosmopolitan, rodeada de fogatas y un ambiente festivo.

¿Hay opciones de entretenimiento en invierno en Las Vegas que no involucren juegos de azar?

Sí, hay muchas opciones de entretenimiento en invierno en Las Vegas que no involucran juegos de azar, como el esquí, asistir a eventos tecnológicos, explorar jardines botánicos temáticos y patinar sobre hielo, por nombrar algunos.

¿Se puede patinar sobre hielo en Las Vegas?

Sí, se puede patinar sobre hielo en Las Vegas en el Cosmopolitan, donde la piscina Boulevard Pool se transforma en una pista de hielo durante el invierno, rodeada de fogatas para disfrutar de un ambiente único.

¿Qué es el CES Las Vegas y por qué es importante?

El CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Las Vegas es la mayor exposición de electrónicos del mundo, donde se exhiben las últimas innovaciones tecnológicas. Es un evento imperdible para los aficionados a la tecnología

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