Mejores deportes en Las Vegas 2023

Sports in Las Vegas in 2023: The events you can’t miss

2023 is filled up with unmissable sporting events that will thrill all fans. And this year, they have found a new home in the city that never sleeps.

Wondering how to satisfy your passion for sports in Las Vegas in 2023? Look no further! Below we explore the best of the agenda.

Las Vegas Sports: Amateurs’ Paradise

Famous mainly for its casinos y entertainment shows, Las Vegas has evolved into a premier sports destination.

Whether you are searching for intense thrills or want to enjoy the holiday atmosphere, the city of entertainment awaits you with an exciting sports offer this 2023. From boxing and UFC fights to the Super Bowl to F1, there is something for everyone.

History of Las Vegas and Sports: Boxing and UFC

There is no doubt that Las Vegas and combat sports form an unbeatable pair, where action and adrenaline merge in a unique setting. Fans from all over the world fill the stadiums to witness exciting fights and experience the intensity of the sport.

Sin City has a rich tradition in the world of boxing. Since its consolidation in the 1990s, with names like Mike Tyson and Julio Cesar Chavez. Today, it has become one of the favorite destinations for high-profile fights and the most renowned sports events in Las Vegas.

Boxing joins the sports in Las Vegas this 2023
Boxing joins the sports in Las Vegas this 2023

Meanwhile, it has positioned itself as the headquarters of the UFC, the world’s premier mixed martial arts promotion company. Crowds fill the famed UFC Apex with bouts that thrill fans.

This year the list includes the bantamweight and welterweight includes the bantamweight and welterweight titles, along with the women’s strawweight title. Experience the roar of the ring at Hotel Jefe, the perfect place to immerse yourself in the world of sports and live unforgettable moments.

F1 Las Vegas

But it’s not all about combat. Year after year, sports in Las Vegas continue to grow as a powerhouse, attracting more and more events and establishing itself as a must-see destination for fans from around the world.

With a perfect combination of on-track adrenaline and off-track entertainment, Las Vegas will once again host Formula 1 in 2023. The event promises to be an experience fans will remember forever.

Experience the best of sports in Las Vegas with the return of F1
Experience the best of sports in Las Vegas with the return of F1

In recent seasons, F1 has gained popularity thanks to its acquisition by Liberty Media, increasing its popularity in the United States. As a result, the Grand Prix that takes place annually at the Circuit of the Americas will be joined by two new races in the country: F1 Miami and F1 Las Vegas. The latter will take place on November 18, 2023, adding additional excitement to the calendar.

As a unique element, F1 Las Vegas will be held on an exciting Saturday night. This will allow fans around the world to enjoy the live broadcast at a convenient time. If you are looking for tickets you can get them at the official website.

If you still have doubts about where to spend the evening, to live the F1 Las Vegas Hotel Jefe is the perfect place for fans looking for a unique experience. Enjoy its modern facilities, exciting games of chance, and delicious Latin flavors.

Immerse yourself in the thrilling spirit of the F1 Las Vegas Hotel Jefe, the perfect combination of luxury and excitement. An unforgettable experience for racing fans.

NFL and Super Bowl

In 2017, Las Vegas scored another big win in the sports arena. After receiving approval from the franchise owners, it was able to become the new home of the Raiders (formerly of Oakland, California). This decision marked a milestone for the city in hosting a professional NFL team.

Opening in September 2020, Allegiant Stadium was designed as the primary venue for the three-time Super Bowl winners. With a capacity for more than 65,000 spectators, the stadium offers an unparalleled fan experience with state-of-the-art amenities and cutting-edge technology.

More than three years later, Allegiant Stadium is not only a venue for exciting Raiders games but has also hosted Las Vegas sports and concerts of all kinds.

Among the sports highlights in Las Vegas in 2023 will be the Super Bowl finale
Among the sports highlights in Las Vegas in 2023 will be the Super Bowl finale

An architectural icon, with a futuristic shape and a one-of-a-kind retractable roof, this stadium represents the growth and evolution of sports in Las Vegas, leaving a lasting imprint on the history of the city and the hearts of its fans. And to top it all off, in 2024 it will host the main event: Super Bowl LVIII, scheduled for February 11.

Excitement is in the air as everyone looks forward to the big celebration. Las Vegas is gearing up for the big event with a week of celebration, concerts, and activities that will culminate with the grand finale. You can visit the official website to get your tickets. Be part of the excitement and join this unique experience.

The bright lights, the vibrant atmosphere and the overflowing passion will come together in a sports party that will mark the history of this incredible city and Hotel Jefe will be the ideal place to enjoy the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. With exciting game screenings, delicious food and drink, this exclusive hotel and casino, designed especially for the Latino community, will offer a festive and energetic atmosphere.

Experience the passion for sports in Las Vegas with Hotel Jefe

Whether you’re a boxing fan, a passionate NFL fan or a motorsports enthusiast, Las Vegas has something special in store for you in 2023. With championship fights that will take your breath away, a grand finale full of incredible moves and high-speed racing that will test your emotions, this city has it all.

No matter what your favorite sport is, in Las Vegas you will find events that will thrill and excite you like never before. Are you ready to witness historic moments and experience sports passion to the fullest? Experience the best of sports in Las Vegas in 2023!

When will the Super Bowl be held in Las Vegas?

The highly anticipated Super Bowl event will take place on February 11, 2024 at the newly opened Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. It will be the first time that Las Vegas and the state of Nevada will host this sporting spectacle.

When will F1 Las Vegas be held?

The F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, the 22nd round of the 2023 F1 Championship, will take place November 16-18 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Are there any age restrictions for attending sports events in Las Vegas?

Age restrictions for attending sports events in Las Vegas may vary depending on the specific event and location. Some events may allow entry only to persons over 21 years of age, while other events may be suitable for all ages. It is recommended that you check the age requirements established by each event before purchasing your tickets to ensure you comply with the admission policies.

Where to watch sports in Las Vegas?

An excellent option to watch sports in Las Vegas is the Jefe Hotel at the Ojos Locos Sport Cantina. Our facilities offer a welcoming and festive atmosphere where you can enjoy your favorite sports surrounded by other passionate Latino fans.

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