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NBA Final Four in Las Vegas: Where to watch this must-see tournament

The city of Las Vegas, known for its glittering nightlife and casinos, is now also the host of the NBA’s exciting in-season tournament. Basketball fans are about to experience the intensity of the finals, where the show is guaranteed both on and off the court. 

At Hotel Jefe we want every second of your experience to be as spectacular as the competition itself, offering details ranging from the participating teams to how and where to watch the games.

NBA In-Season Tournament Most Important Information

The Teams and Their Paths to the Final

This year, the NBA in-season finals is the battleground where only the best teams survive. The tournament has seen impressive performances from players and teams, culminating in an exciting final four. 

The NBA firmament shines with the stars that will seek glory in the Final Four of the NBA In-Season Tournament. The Los Angeles Lakers, coming off a morale-boosting win over the Suns, will meet a tough New Orleans Pelicans who were able to tame the Kings in a nail-biting game.

las vegas nba
Las Vegas is about to host ground-breaking NBA tournament

On the other hand, the fierceness of the Milwaukee Bucks will try to stop the surprise of the Indiana Pacers, who against all odds left the Celtics behind. With LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo looking to lead their teams to victory and the likes of Brandon Ingram and Tyrese Haliburton unwilling to give an inch, we are in for a high-flying show that will leave its mark on NBA history. NBA history.

Key Dates and Schedule

For loyal basketball fans looking for the ultimate NBA In-Season Tournament experience, there is no better destination than NBA League Pass. Tune in to this vibrant finale that marks a before and after in NBA history: two teams, a unique game, and the desire to be the first to lift the NBA Cup in the dazzling city of Las Vegas.

NBA League Pass is your personal passport to the action, giving you unprecedented access to every rebound, every play and every moment of playoff euphoria. This subscription product is the essential tool for any self-respecting fan, offering live and on-demand broadcasts throughout the season. You decide the duration of your subscription, from one month to the whole season, depending on your needs and your passion for the game.

With the NBA League Pass customize your league watching experience. Opt for broadcasts in your preferred language, use the multiscreen function to keep track of all the details, download matches to enjoy them offline and dive into highlights if time is of the essence. Supreme picture and sound quality awaits you on every platform, without commercial interruptions, for a pure enjoyment of the sport.

The Premium Experience at Hotel Jefe

A Lodging Geared Toward the NBA Fan

At Hotel Jefe, understanding the passion for basketball means providing an exceptional experience during your stay. From the moment you check-in at our first-class facilities to the ultimate victory celebration at our sports bar, we make sure every moment is memorable.

Perfect Vision: Follow Every Game with Us

For those who prefer the comfort and vibrant atmosphere of a hotel, we offer live broadcasts of all games on high-definition screens. Whether in the privacy of your room or with other fans in our amazing Ojos Locos Sports Cantina, make sure you don’t miss a second of the action, while enjoying the best dishes of Latin cuisine.

Total Immersion in NBA Culture

Las Vegas Impact and Entertainment

The celebration of the NBA in-season tournament is not only felt in the stadium, but throughout the city. Las Vegas vibrates with the energy of the event, and Hotel Jefe is your portal to this world of entertainment. Participate in tournament-related events, meet other basketball fans and immerse yourself in the competitive spirit of the finals.

The Legacy of Basketball in the City of Lights

The NBA has left an indelible mark on Las Vegas, and the in-season tournament finals are a testament to that. Take advantage of your stay to discover how the city has embraced the sport and how basketball has influenced its culture and people.

las vegas nba
Some of the NBA most outstanding players will face each other in Las Vegas

Essential Tips for NBA Fans

Plan Your Visit in Advance

To enjoy the event smoothly, it is essential to plan your trip well. From purchasing tickets for the games to selecting the best places to eat and relax after the games, our concierge at the Jefe Hotel will assist you with recommendations and reservations.

Unforgettable Experiences On and Off the Court

As a basketball fan and guest of the Chief Hotel, you are guaranteed a front row seat to the history that will be written at the NBA Finals in Las Vegas. Feel like part of the event, and take home exciting and memorable stories from your time here.

At Hotel Jefe, we understand that watching the NBA Finals in Las Vegas is a dream for many fans. With our exceptional service and expert hospitality, we promise that your stay will be as exciting as the games themselves. Book now and experience the passion of basketball like never before.


¿Dónde se celebra el Final Four de la NBA In-Season Tournament?

La Final Four de la NBA In-Season Tournament se celebra en la ciudad de Las Vegas durante el mes de diciembre.

¿Qué equipos compiten en la Final Four del torneo?

Los equipos que han llegado a la Final Four incluyen a Los Angeles Lakers, New Orleans Pelicans, Milwaukee Bucks e Indiana Pacers.

¿Qué estrellas de la NBA podré ver en el Final Four?

Puedes esperar ver a LeBron James liderando a los Los Angeles Lakers y a Giannis Antetokounmpo al frente de los Milwaukee Bucks, así como a otras figuras destacadas como Brandon Ingram de los Pelicans y Tyrese Haliburton de los Pacers.

¿Cómo puedo ver los partidos del Final Four de la NBA?

Puedes suscribirte al NBA League Pass para ver todos los partidos en vivo y a la demanda. Esta suscripción te permite personalizar tu experiencia de visualización y te brinda acceso a resúmenes destacados y funciones adicionales.

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